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Take a DEEP Dive into Wake Wellness Premium CBD

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil- Our Full Spectrum CBD oil is derived from CO2 Cold extracted agricultural hemp sourced from Montana. Full Spectrum simply means the extract contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Think of it as cold-pressed olive oil. No chemical or mechanical processing is needed however de-waxing and filtering is done to clean the crude oil into food-grade CBD Oil. Hemp can be extracted multiple times before it is discarded and used for material in other industries. First-Run Extracts-  Our Full spectrum Oil uses the “First-run” extract oil. This is the most expensive and most effective due to its concentrate of all the vital cannabinoids and terpenes. This combination achieves the “Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect-...

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3 Reasons to Choose Wake Wellness CBD Products

Wake Wellness is a craft hemp CBD purveyor, producer and retail merchant. We source only the highest quality agricultural hemp from the cleanest regions in the USA. We never outsource production and choose to handcraft each product locally in small-batches to ensure quality and accuracy. Our #1 goal is to deliver the cleanest and most effective CBD. We want you to have confidence in any product that we offer.

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CBD Awareness Project

Join the CBD Conversation. Help us spread the word about the amazing properties and health benefits that CBD offers. We made a simple forum where you can write, share photos and connect with millions around the world. The CBD Awareness Project will also offer our latest research findings and articles on everything CBD.​Here's how it works:​1. Create an Account. 2. Post about your experience on related page. 3. Create connections, Ask questions and find

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