3 Reasons to Choose Wake Wellness CBD Products

3 Reason to choose Wake Wellness for all your CBD needs.

Wake Wellness is a craft hemp CBD purveyor, producer and retail merchant. We source only the highest quality agricultural hemp from the cleanest regions in the USA. We never outsource production and choose to handcraft each product locally in small-batches to ensure quality and accuracy. Our #1 goal is to deliver the cleanest and most effective CBD. We want you to have confidence in any product that we offer.

We start with the best ingredients possible.

Many other CBD companies are purchasing large quantities of blank bottles of CBD oil and applying their own label. We start from the ground up with the highest grade ingredients available. This means we can deliver the highest quality and freshest product to you!

We use (1st Run) Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp CBD Oil- This means we only use the highest grade of CBD oil. Many other companies cut costs by using second run or even third run oil. This oil is just not as effective because all of the other Cannabinoids are lost during multiple extraction runs.
We use Hempseed oil carrier fluids- Many other companies are using MCT oil carrier fluids. However, CBD Needs a Fat to help it metabolized into your blood stream. Hempseed oil is a great Multi-chain Amino Fatty-acid. It also has 20 of the most crucial amino acids that our bodies require to function correctly.
Clean Soil Grown USA Hemp- The location where your hemp is grown is very important because of impurities, toxins and Mold that can be found once you extract the plant. Our Hemp is Agriculturally grown in Montana/South Dakota region. Currently this is the cleanest soil in America!

Transcend Trend

Wake Wellness has seen all the trendy “kitsch” CBD infused products on the market come and go. However, if the concept fails to yield health benefits then we cannot put it on our shelves. We believe that distilling out the useless products will save all of us time. We have never sold a Vapable product because of the downsides to absorbing CBD with this method. With such a concentrated vapour, CBD absorbed through the lungs is not necessarily bad but it spikes your bodies Cannabinoid level. The problem with this, is that if our endocannabinoid system is over saturated then we stop absorbing CBD. Not to mention the lack of transparency within the vape industry.

Research and Development

Innovation is at the foundation of Wake Wellness. We strive to push forward CBD therapy protocols by always improving our products through every batch. With big box brands or private labeled products, your quality and freshness lack when CBD is mass produced. Not to mention, once the product is made at scale, it cannot improve.

Our Promise

We produce in small batches to guarantee accuracy and freshness but also to constantly improve our formulas. Supporting our products means you will get a consistent and ever improving product! Feel confident that you are using the best possible product on the market. Choose Wake Wellness!