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CBD Oil Drops

CBD Oil drops are the foundation to endocanabinoid therapy. This simply means, adding CBD oil to your diet to recharge your naturally occurring cannabinoid system. When this is started, many will see a shift towards better/deeper sleep cycles, a total reset in your sleep cycle, Central nervous system pain relief (spinal and muscle), Reduced stress hormone release (cortisol) and so much more. Scroll for Zero THC Broad Spectrum CBD option (INVIVO).

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Some Customers cannot have any THC in their diets. Our Zero THC is not like the rest (Purified CBD) that dosn't do much but over saturate your system with one Cannabinoid (CBD). Ours has an array of cannabinoids plus all the natural terpenoids to achieve the Entourage Effect.

CBD External Applications

Apply CBD products on the skin is a great way to target the area that is in most pain. You can and it is encouraged to pair these with the CBD oil above because adding CBD internally and externally will target inflammation and neuro pain quickly and effectively. And hey, why not drastically improve your quality of life. Be more. Do more. Achieve more.

CBD for Stress

After researching the effect of (low dose) CBD we quickly developed a sublingual CBD mist for under the tongue. This can be used as needed throughout the day to alleviate our natural stress responses AKA (cortisol hormone) releasing into our bloodstream. Take 2 sprays and feel back to normal. It is a very grounding feeling you will. No sleepy effect just back to focus.