CBD Face Care Set

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CBD Face Care Set

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This set includes our Anti-aging face cream and our cbd facial toner. These products work best together.

Use Facial Toner after face has been cleaned. Let Face dry then apply face cream. Once face cream has absorbed, makeup can be applied.

Our Full Spectrum Anti-aging CBD Facial cream is perfect for anyone with oily skin or dry skin, acne and blemishes. CBD’s amazing ability to balance the skins polypeptide and lipid production will drastically improve your complexion quickly. CBD’s ability to promote new and healthy skin cells is where the anti-aging effects come into play.

We all know the saying “You are what you eat”, right? Well the truth of the matter is that you actually are what you put on your body too. This is because the skin is the body’s largest organ, and anything applied trans-dermally it is quickly absorbed into our bloodstream (think of how a nicotine patch, or even how a birth control patch works!). Because of this, many in the wellness and beauty industry are taking advantage of this effective delivery method to provide a daily dose of CBD.

Our Formula: We add an array of essential oils and full spectrum CBD oil to create a powerhouse of a face cream. It is great for sensitive skin.

Directions: Apply desired amount to face, neck and/or any blemishes or skin spots after skin is cleansed. Use daily for best results.

THC Disclaimer: Our products contain below the legal limit of THC (0.3%). Our CBD is Farm Bill Compliant and is third-party lab tested for quality and accuracy.

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