CURE Premium Biltong

Cure Biltong

CURE Premium Biltong

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Premium Sirloin Biltong Beef Jerky is the highly sought after South African style of curing meat for future use. We use USDA Organic, Grass fed and finished Beef. Organic spices, and our Low-salt curing process truly create the most addictive and healthy jerky on the market. It is great for Keto fasting and Carnivore dieting because it is clean, low salt and very high quality.

1. Grass Fed + Finished Beef
    We are always on the hunt for the most premium sources of Beef on the planet. Our process revolves around location. Why you may ask? The soil, The water, and the farming practices really matter to us.

2. Low Salt Curing process.
    Salt is required to cure meat unfortunately. We set out to see if its possible to cure meat and still deliver a low-salt product. Turns out, with some elbow grease you can do anything you set your mind to.

3. Keto + Carnivore Diet Approved.
    Our customers crave the best. Many of the latest science behind living healthy and fit have lifestyle change at their core. Cure Biltong enables you to optimize your life and feed yourself the highest quality cured meat snack on the market!

Great for:

  • Camping - Travelling
  • Garnish Salads
  • Charcuterie board
  • Keto Fasting
  • Carnivore Diet