Wake Wellness Entrepreneurship Meetup #1

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Wake Wellness Entrepreneurship Meetup #1

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Do you want to be your own boss or simply make some extra cash every week? And help your community achieve more by improving their health? We want to help make that happen too.


Here at Wake Wellness we are a human-centered, design driven company that has a mission to improve lives, innovate our industry and cultivate a community of like-minded and diverse people. With that being said, we will now offer a hands-on/community driven Entrepreneurship program to enable our community to not only improve their health but add some cash value to their pockets. Hey, a little extra cash gives us financial freedom that can improve our lives drastically.

What to expect…

Once you join the program we will provide everything you need to get started on your entrepreneurial path. This will include…

-Personalized promo code to track selling
-Selling Toolkit
-Monthly members only meet up to learn and share experiences.
-A Path to success-Level up and grow your business.
-Product knowledge toolkit and continued learning.
-Members only deals and discounts.

Here’s how it works…

The program will include a one-time fee and a monthly subscription. This is not intended to make us profit. Research shows that when something has a cash value added to it people will show up and take it serious. The fee will be given back to you through a credit towards our products.